Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Ball or Lens Flare Near the Sun? - New UFO Sightings, 6/17

Well, this will get the Planet X believers intrigued. Regardless, sounds like a neat UFO sighting. Someone captured a red ball with a ring around it on their camera phone, right by the sun. It wasn't visible to the naked eye, but showed up in his camera over a period of a few nights.  Could it be a simple lens flare? The local Action 4 News of Rio Grande, TX, is all over it.

Check out these comments:
its a ufo or something strange. i seen it too. Go outside after 11 pm, When its really dark, You can see something in the sky that keeps blinking & turns red sometimes. Its strange!

As an expert in both photography and UFO's, I'm sad to say this is merely a lens flare. He can re-create the phenomenon again any time he uses this camera, though the colors may be different. If you want the truth on UFO's watch this: You can also google to read files released from various other countries, including UK, Sweden, Canada, China, Russia, France, NZ, Brazil and many others. The USA still has most evidence under lock and key, feeling disclosure will bankrupt oil companies and end jobs once free energy is utilized across the board. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Russian Military Transports Fyling Saucer - Cool Shit or Bull Shit? 6/16

Well, this is quite an interesting video. It features a helicopter transporting what looks to be a flying saucer. Could the object be something more mundane, or is this a hoax? With all that's going on in Russia right now, anything's possible. This was filmed in Bodaybo, Russia.

Jamie Maussan Revisits Recent Poland UFO Fleet - New UFO Sightings, 6/16

Awesome paranormal investigator Jamie Maussan takes a second look at a recent Poland UFO sighting. Several witnesses, several orbs, and lots of movement. What's going on here? Are these flares, as one YouTube comment suggests (read below)? Or perhaps Chinese Lanterns?

YouTube description:
Marilu Carrillo Reporting UFO fleet last night in Poland on May 21, 2011

YouTube comment:
(translated) I repeat: The lights are flares launched Mexicali U.S. border to detect illegal immigrants, is very common to see them. Not that insist on presenting evidence UFO. I am a follower of the program, but these situations make me doubt their research.
(translated reply) We would like to take some kind of image they appear these flares, we have already presented some respect and do not look anything like what he says. We would greatly help your videos or pictures.

Saucer Hovers Over Japan - New UFO Sightings, 6/16

We haven't heard much from Japan of late, but here's a new saucer-like UFO. It's pretty hard to see, no zoom, but still interesting.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GREAT UFO Orb Flying Around in PA - New UFO Sightings, 6/14

Check out this amazing Pennsylvania orb hovering and moving around, nice close-up shots. The YouTube description provides a lot of context about similar sightings.

YouTube comment:
"So glad to see this! My daughter and I have become regular sky watchers and we see these EVERY night in our area. They are starting to come in lower. SOOOOO AWESOME! For the nay sayers, this is absolutely real. What started as 1 every now and then has turned into 20+ a night. They used to be very high, now very low. We have asked them to pulse up and they GLOW as bright as the moon. Last night, our first ever solid craft! 200 ft straight above our head! we have a connection with them now."

"Every year, they come closer and closer," Lake Erie UFO Sightings Con't, 6/14

The Lake Eerie UFO sightings just won't stop... there have been multiple news reports coming out, and here's one of the latest.

"So officialy Global Warming is BULLSHIT! " - UFO Message Board Finds, 6/14

NASA asks staff to prep for emergencies, natural disasters, and 911-esque events.
Forums picked up on a recent video posted on the site about the urgent importance of emergency preparedness. Take it for what it is.

 Okay, so what's going on with the sun already?
We may finally have some official answers. Forums got hopping after put out a news report that an announcement was coming down the pipeline about recent solar activity. In a nutshell: solar activity will hit its peak in 2013, with a very unusual solar minimum (a sleepy sun) to follow, to affect space travel and the climate...which we can infer would mean longer winters and shorter summers, after a few years of intense solar flares. Is there more to climate change and global warning than what we've been told?

"So we'll have prolonged periods of winter and shorter summers ... Just Jiffy! The Sun is in competition with the volcanoes and tectonic plates... Who will effect the weather the *most*. HA!"
-User ID  1391353

"So officialy Global Warming is BULLSHIT! I am confussed as why they were talking about shutting down electrical grids, in the lkast few days, NASA releasing a video on preparedness and NOW saying we could be in a solar minimum in its maximum? I really think there is a lot more info going to be released soon, everything at the moment seems very contradictory, also all the current earthquake/ Volcanic activity is VERY unusual. Maybe it is to do with the Comet/Planet and that is affecting the SUN as well as the other planets and in particular the Earth. I believe we are in uncharted times, and Science does not have answers. Its about time the Scientists and the media realised that it is impossible to find a solution to everything and the cycle of nature and the Earth are obviously of an uncontrollable form. We are in a period of unknown and unpredictable things and we need to focus on solutions to the problems that will arise, not a solution to a problem that we can not even attempt to understand or control. Less wars more information of preparedness for ALL UNCERTAINTIES and a togetherness approach will help us survive any future disasters be them of a NATURAL or MANMADE nature!"
-User ID 1293441

Meanwhile, the sun gives us a "fresh blast."

"it was yesterday, but nasa said it was not earth directed. Now they showing something else. So they even cant lie :) or had mass mess in office."
-User ID 1398949

Do we have some extreme flooding on our hands?
While the South is drenched with nothing but a drought, the Omaha metro area (Missouri River basin) will be releasing water from the dam, along with increasing precipitation.

"Here is the scoop.... for the next 7 days Montana and Alberta have heavy heavy precipitation forecasts. Major precipitation. Now, after this system passes... if we get a heat wave, which is very likely, it will cause a HUGE melt off of the snow packs. There will be MEGA WATER headed down towards the Fort Peck Dam. MEGA."
-User ID 1418572

-User ID 1004066

Colorful Blinking Triangle UFO Over Taiwan - New UFO Sightings, 6/14

What a pretty sight! Is this some kind of light show that just was mistaken for some UFOs, or an ultra-legit UFO sighting? It looks like these orbs are hovering in triangle formation, changing colors and blinking in and out. 

YouTube description:
Beautiful UFO:s shifting colours filmed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2011-06-05


"10 Unidentified Cigar-Shaped Crafts 'Glide" Over Hillsville, VA" - MUFON UFO Sightings, 6/14

Looks like Michigan's a hot spot right now...some pretty intriguing sightings reported into MUFON recently.

California (2)
Unknown City: UFO preenting crash with other UFO

Unknown city: low flying fast light in sky

Illinois (2)
Addison: Multiple sightings all day and night while chemtrails were being sprayed
Chicago: Strange Shape Shifting Anamoly Over Chicago Search Youtube 1080p Video

Indiana (2)
Logansport: Ball of light-Hi-8 video recorded of object.
Fort Wayne: three white lights traveling together

Florence: very bright very fast moving object

Michigan (3)
Lansing: Lights moving in sky 4th night in a row, hovered above my house. Cigar Shaped Object got very close
Chelsea: Bright, star-like object moves quickly west to east, zig-zag/wobbling
Bay City: Very bright white light low over Saginaw Bay

St. Anthony: A ball of light that travelled slowly and made no noise.

Tupelo: A single bright white light no sound at all

Knoxville: Star-like bright blue orb lazily drifting downward & to the north-east

Virginia (2)
Roanoke: weird thick low huge cigar cloud 30mins, poof gone in 5min re-check
Hillsville: 10 Unidentified Cigar-Shaped Crafts 'Glide" Over Hillsville, VA

West Virginia
Huntington: Silver bullet-shaped object crossing sky from North to South

Kirkcaldy: My friend Emils and i were taking some pics of the burnoff from a local factory

Monday, June 13, 2011

UFO Passes Through Cloud Above Orlando Airport - New UFO Sightings, 6/13

Check out this interesting sighting over the Orlando International Airport. First glance, you'll probably just see some weird cloud behavior. But a closer look reveals a UFO passing through the cloud. Sorry for the obnoxious music. has cut out some screen shots for us to give us an even better look oh how fast-moving this UFO was. This would be a weird hoax to pull, any ideas?
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