Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"So officialy Global Warming is BULLSHIT! " - UFO Message Board Finds, 6/14

NASA asks staff to prep for emergencies, natural disasters, and 911-esque events.
Forums picked up on a recent video posted on the Nasa.gov site about the urgent importance of emergency preparedness. Take it for what it is.

 Okay, so what's going on with the sun already?
We may finally have some official answers. Forums got hopping after Space.com put out a news report that an announcement was coming down the pipeline about recent solar activity. In a nutshell: solar activity will hit its peak in 2013, with a very unusual solar minimum (a sleepy sun) to follow, to affect space travel and the climate...which we can infer would mean longer winters and shorter summers, after a few years of intense solar flares. Is there more to climate change and global warning than what we've been told?

"So we'll have prolonged periods of winter and shorter summers ... Just Jiffy! The Sun is in competition with the volcanoes and tectonic plates... Who will effect the weather the *most*. HA!"
-User ID  1391353

"So officialy Global Warming is BULLSHIT! I am confussed as why they were talking about shutting down electrical grids, in the lkast few days, NASA releasing a video on preparedness and NOW saying we could be in a solar minimum in its maximum? I really think there is a lot more info going to be released soon, everything at the moment seems very contradictory, also all the current earthquake/ Volcanic activity is VERY unusual. Maybe it is to do with the Comet/Planet and that is affecting the SUN as well as the other planets and in particular the Earth. I believe we are in uncharted times, and Science does not have answers. Its about time the Scientists and the media realised that it is impossible to find a solution to everything and the cycle of nature and the Earth are obviously of an uncontrollable form. We are in a period of unknown and unpredictable things and we need to focus on solutions to the problems that will arise, not a solution to a problem that we can not even attempt to understand or control. Less wars more information of preparedness for ALL UNCERTAINTIES and a togetherness approach will help us survive any future disasters be them of a NATURAL or MANMADE nature!"
-User ID 1293441

Meanwhile, the sun gives us a "fresh blast."

"it was yesterday, but nasa said it was not earth directed. Now they showing something else. So they even cant lie :) or had mass mess in office."
-User ID 1398949

Do we have some extreme flooding on our hands?
While the South is drenched with nothing but a drought, the Omaha metro area (Missouri River basin) will be releasing water from the dam, along with increasing precipitation.

"Here is the scoop.... for the next 7 days Montana and Alberta have heavy heavy precipitation forecasts. Major precipitation. Now, after this system passes... if we get a heat wave, which is very likely, it will cause a HUGE melt off of the snow packs. There will be MEGA WATER headed down towards the Fort Peck Dam. MEGA."
-User ID 1418572

-User ID 1004066

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